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Royal wedding alternative option at Machynlleth
Royal wedding mugs
Organisers said it was a chance to escape the 'razzle dazzle'

A Welsh cultural group has set up an alternative event for those who want to avoid The Royal Wedding

Balchder Cymru (Pride of Wales) has organised an Escape The Wedding Camp at a campsite near Machynlleth.

Organisers are also considering staging a march through Machynlleth on the day when Prince William and Kate Middleton get married on 29 April 2011.

A spokeswoman for Clarence House, on behalf of Prince William, said she did not wish to comment on the matter.

The five day anti-wedding event takes place between 28 April and 1 May 2011.

 When he found out that my wife was French The Duke of Edinburgh told her 'you used to chop our heads off 
Ralph Beaumont

Balchder Cymru member, Adam Phillips, said that the organisation had chosen a location near Machynlleth to hold its camp because of the area's connections with Owain Glyndŵr.

"Glyndŵr was crowned Prince of Wales when the first Welsh Parliament was held at Machynlleth in 1404," said Mr Phillips.

"As far as Balchder Cymru is concerned Glyndŵr was the last Prince of Wales and we do not recognise Prince Charles as the true Prince of Wales."

Owain Glyndŵr
Owain Glyndŵr was crowned Prince of Wales in 1404

Balchder Cymru was set up 10 years ago to organise events and rallies to promote Welsh consciousness.

"We are giving people an opportunity to escape the razzle dazzle and media hype that will take place when the wedding takes place," said Mr Phillips.

"Not everyone will be celebrating this wedding because the taxpayer is footing the bill during a time of recession and cutbacks.

"We intend to set up a bonfire and a good old-fashioned working class knees up during the wedding weekend.

"And we may hold a march through Machynlleth on the day of the wedding."

The camp will be based at Llwyngwern Farm, a campsite near The Centre for Alternative Technology at Pantperthog.

The site's owner, Ralph Beaumont, said that he would be happy to host the camp.

Prince Williams and Kate Middleton
Mr Beaumont said he might be too busy to celebrate the wedding

"I am not going to turn them away because they might hold different views to my own," said Mr Beaumont.

"Balchder Cymru have stayed here before to celebrate Glyndŵr Day and they are lovely people."

Mr Beaumont said he would probably be too busy to celebrate the wedding.

"I have nothing against the Royal Family myself and I might have a little celebration.

"In fact my wife once met the Duke of Edinburgh several years ago.

"When he found out that my wife was French The Duke of Edinburgh told her 'you used to chop our heads off'."

A spokesman at Clarence House, the official residence of The Prince of Wales and Prince William, said they did not wish to comment on the Escape The Wedding Camp.

Machynlleth town councillor, Gill Baldwin, said: "I would think it would be in pretty poor taste if they decided to hold a march through Machynlleth on the day of the Royal Wedding.

"I'm a great believer in Royalty and they do a lot for this country."

Royal Visit! 27th April

Tues April 27 Betty Windsor aka the "Queen" will visit North Wales for the usual crap -pomp and ceremony
drag the pensioners and school kids out to flag wave and look pathetically at what is now seen as an extended arm 
of "Celebrity Culture". 
Balchder Cymru will only ever accept the presence of the English royal family in Cymru when they come as visiting foreign dignitaries.
When We are a sovereign state in our own right with full independence and our own parliament then we can welcome foreign visits from 
other nations as honoured guests. 
Unfortunately a visit by the German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (GermanSachsen-Coburg und Gotha), which adopted the English name Windsor by a royal proclamation in 1917
is about as welcome as a kick in the backside and a reminder that we are still under the imperialist Brit Jackboot! 

Cymru Rydd 

From Daily Post 19/04/2010

Llangollen community group frustration at WAG

PLANS for a cultural education and kung fu centre appear to have fallen through after a Welsh Assembly Government U-turn at the 11th hour.

The Powys Fadog group was all set to bring contractors in to turn River Lodge Hotel complex in Llangollen into a community facility for education, tourism, accommodation and kung fu tuition.

But Pol Wong of Powys Fadog has been left baffled following a sudden stalling by WAG chiefs to grant the project final approval.

WAG issued a statement saying there is now an “options appraisal” into its future use.

River Lodge, formerly known as the Woodlands nightclub, has been disused for years. Mr Wong has taught Kung Fu there since 2002.

It was privately owned but a few years ago came under the control of the Welsh Development Agency, which was subsumed into WAG.

Mr Wong said he had been negotiating to open up River Lodge with WAG, which had been supportive until January this year with £90,000 already ploughed into the project.

A deal had been done with WAG for the lease to come under the control of Pennaf Housing Association, with the Assembly contributing £240,000 to the project said Mr Wong.

A letter to WAG officials by Mr Wong summed up the group’s frustration.

It said: “At all times members of Powys Fadog have engaged with the Welsh Assembly and acted in good faith. This despite years of frustrations, delays, unreasonable barriers and disproportionate scrutiny.ŠWe feel this faith is being broken.”

A Welsh Assembly Government spokesman said: “The Permanent Secretary instigated an internal audit review in relation to the acquisition and subsequent proposals for the disposal of the River Lodge site in Llangollen.

“The interim conclusions include the recommendation any future use of the property should follow a full options appraisal of the future use. This process is now under way.”

BC comment - we have written to the post about our disgust with this decision and the delay in signing off the centre to the Powys Fadog group who 

have worked so hard to get this place off the ground - SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IS STOPPING THIS-ask why and who and what do they want in its stead?! 


The fact that Flintshire has no maternity hospital is having the same effect as Edward the 1st "Prima Nocta" law
Prima Nocta-
Rights used by nobles of the past to have sexual rights to the wife of a man newly married on the night of their wedding.
The Lord excerised his rights of Prima Nocta to take the man's wife for himself on her wedding night.

His attitude was if we cant wipe them out we will "breed them out"

How is this relevant in flintshire? 
With pregnant Flintshire mothers told they can go to Wrexham or Chester as they are in the same health board
and sometimes encouraged to go to the Cheshire unit as its slightly closer them, the populace of the county is 
becoming increasingly Anglicized. 
If any counties in the country should have maternity hospitals then it should be the ones on the border!
Our Welsh kids are born with English birth certificates - its only a small thing but it all adds up to lessen the 
importance of our identity and our heritage! 
MP's and AM's Earn your crust and get something done!

Hard to believe but this year its 15 yrs since the death of Julian "Cayo" Evans  Free Wales Army

BC will be laying a wreath for him and his comrades  at Silian (Lampeter) 28 March 2pm -Open event.

The FWA have had numerous things written about them some good some bad, most miss the point


Whatever they did or didn't do they did run the state ragged whilst MAC went undetected and free to operate.

Anodd coilio fod hi yn 15eg mlynedd ers i "Cayo" farw, oeddwn ddim yn ei nabod yn bersonol ond yn cofio 
fod adref ac yn edrych ar y newyddion a gweld fod Cayo Evans FWA wedi marw. Oni mor drist -yn gyntaf fod un o fflamau Cymru wedi mynd
ond mwy fy mod byth wedi cyfarfod y dyn ei hyn!
ers hyne dwi di cyfarfod a bod yn ffrindiau 'efo y bois sydd ar ol, ac mae nhw dal i gredu cymaint heddiw ac oeddynt adeg y 60au. Ers hynu mae swp wedi mynd
yn cynwys, Dennis Coslett, Tony Lewis, Glyn (Lone Wolf) Rowlands a llawer mwy o wladgarwyr.
Beth bynag mae pobol yn meddwl am yr FWA - mi nath nhw seffyll i fynu dros ei gwlad, a mi nathant cadw y heddlu yn brysur tra
oedd MAC yn mynd ati efo ei ymdrech nhw!

Dewch i gofio Cayo !

Come to remember Cayo - FREE WALES -CYMRU RYDD- FE GODWN NI ETO! 

B C easter rising commemoration see republican news

Happy St Pirans day to our brothers and sisters in kernow

Dragon Tower-looks good

Dragon tower 'gateway' proposed

Dragon tower image
The dragon tower would provide a view over north Wales and the Marches, its designer says

A dragon towering over the north Wales landscape could be welcoming visitors to the area if a businessman's dreams can be realised.

The 25m (82ft) bronze sculpture would top a 40m (131ft) tower and host an interactive visitor centre and a viewing gallery at the top.

The £6m plan would include an art centre and gallery next to the tower.

Wrexham council leader Aled Roberts said the project would "strengthen and develop" tourism in the area.

The project, called Waking the Dragon, would feature a tower within a landscaped area of trees and paths depicting the four branches of the Mabinogion, the collection of mythological tales of early Wales.

The project is the dream of Wrexham businessman Simon Wingett, who hopes to fund the estimated £6m building costs through charitable donations, the sale of steps within the the tower and investor finance.

He hopes to create 50 jobs, saying he saw the project as an "eighth wonder of Wales".

The council said no application for planning permission for the site had been received.

Mr Roberts said: "There is no doubt that this project will strengthen and further develop the tourism and heritage offer available to visitors in this part of North East Wales.

"The dragon project will not only celebrate our unique heritage and culture, it will also boost the local economy with the creation of local jobs.

"The dragon's location will provide unrivalled views across Wrexham and the surrounding borderlands."


We have added some videos

the creative people around these days really do come up with some good stuff!


It would be easy to dismiss Peter Kilfole, the Labour MP for Walton in Liverpool, as just another publicity-obsessed politician,

 but when he calls for the setting up of a Liverpool region that includes Wrexham and Flintshire, more here

Cilmeri report

Just a quick summary of this yrs Cilmeri commemoration to remember Llywelyn the Last

This was the best in Ten yrs without doubt. Apart from showing that more people are remembering their history
It showed that MORE people are not happy with the way things are going in Cymru now and for the future.

With reps from all over Cymru and the Celtic Nations (guests from the Celtic League also) the numbers were probably 200+
which for a cold Dec day is really good.

There was a good mix of reverence, remembrance, political speech, emotive speech, song and poetry and music
which went hand in hand with the socialising and meeting up with old friends

Below - BC speeches and thanks to groups and people who have done well in Cymru this year,
mark and Deryn with their Banners and the scattering of Ronald the Brigadier's ashes.

more pics and vids as we get them


Own Goal for "Welsh" WDL

taken from sundays Wales on sunday

Four arrests after protest

FOUR people were arrested as Welsh Defence League (WDL) protestors were met with a strong police presence in Wrexham yesterday.

Around 50 members of the anti-Islam group gathered in the Wetherspoon’s pub in the town centre from 11am.

The WDL said they were protesting against the proposed new mosque in Wrexham and Muslim extremists.

Regent Street was closed by police as they dealt with the protestors who left the pub.

Police said the day passed without “significant incident” thanks to the large-scale force presence.

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Ian Shannon, said: “I am pleased with the success of the police operation.

Jeff Hurford, of Unite Against Fascism who held a counter protest, said: “People from Wrexham were very supportive of us and it was good that so many people turned out to show the WDL they are not welcome.”

same story but bit more detailed from the Post

Four arrested in protest against Mosques in Wrexham

Welsh Defence League protest in Wrexham

FOUR people were arrested at an anti-Muslim demonstration amid a strong police presence in Wrexham.

Around 40 members of a group calling themselves the Welsh Defence League (WDL) shouted racial abuse and gestured towards locals, saying they were protesting against plans for a new mosque.

 Four people were arrested for public order offences, and North Wales’s Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, Ian Shannon said the day passed without “significant incident”. Meanwhile Unite Against Fascism held a counter-protest, near where the WDL gathered on Saturday.

And a Wrexham Communities Against Racism festival attracted around 200 people. Residents were joined by faith groups, the Wales TUC, Searchlight, Unison and members of Wrexham Council. Searchlight Cymru secretary Ian Titherington said none of the WDL protestors were Welsh, and they appeared to be members of the English Defence League (EDL).

 He said: “This was the final humiliation for the EDL’s disastrous visits to Wales. The only way they could hold an event was to bus in 30 from Bolton, who on arrival went to the nearest pub, got drunk and bawled out racist chants.

The EDL gathering did not exactly sell any local links, by displaying a Bolton Wanderers FC English flag and singing God Save the Queen.”

The WDL was formed in June 2009 as an off-shoot of the EDL, which claims to campaign against Islamic extremism. The group insists it is not fascist. But at a march in Swansea in October, onlookers were confronted by jeering men giving Nazi salutes, and one was arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence.

BC Comment- W - welsh D- Defence L- League - what would you expect from a group/ org with that name?   St George's crosses? God Save the Queen? 

no - we don't understand either

A few miss-guided Casuals look to have been led up the garden path by the EDL with promises of glory-

 do yourselves a favour lads - read your OWN history - find out about your OWN country and then decide if you want to parade through Welsh streets

 with a group of lads who think a token red dragon flag is enough to allow them to bring their "bolton" or wherever flags 

to our streets. I'm sure the frontline who were in the "spoons" felt great knowing that their fellow footy fans were across the road watching them being used by the EDL.

As to the EDL- to be blunt and totally honest- we dont care what they do or what they believe in, England is not our concern.

 England is NOT our Country- and Wales is not theirs. for Any englishman (woman) wanting ideas about your own

patriotism- then we have a page for you with some links to a couple of forward thinking websites

Celtic League

Kick start for the Celtic League

BC recently had dealings with the League and this reminded us that we need to kick ourselves into action every now and again

This is a general plug for the League and Balchder Cymru hopes you take the time to check their website out.

We wish the celtic all the best and that their voice grows in political social and cultural circles!

North Wales to get new TOWN!

Another news story about the massive housing plans for North Wales

read it then go to to vote against these developments

Old pic of our fight against the National trust- see even than we knew our councils 
were selling off our green spaces for developers

Outrage as police spy on funeral


Read this story of a bumbling PCSO who tried his own snoop tactic on his own community only to be told 
to basically "bugger off" from the local community council. I bet MI5 are livid with this "busy bobby" for 
raising the issue of state surveillance on us. Their plain clothes people were spotted all over the place and this is further embarrassment for them.

Well done Machynlleth - remember the Lone wolf of Corris -pic below - follow the link above to read online


residents say - BC says -the prophecy is coming true-you should have listened to us!

22 Sept Remembering the Gresford Disaster

Wrexham FC lead the way in paying respect and remembering the 75th Anniversary of
one of Cymru's worst mining disasters

Glyndwr day today!


Glyn Rowlands Tribute part 2

Motorcycle ride out and protest

Support floods in for MCN’s Reclaim North Wales campaign

By Steve Farrell - 

General news


 20 August 2009 14:05

Balchder Cymru backs MCN in their campaign to reclaim North Wales for motorcyclists.

testRead the full story

Message form the Patagonia Support group

You may have read in the Welsh Press recently about the refusals by the Border Agency to grant 6 month visas to two girls from Patagonia: Evelyn Calcabrini and Shirley Edwards have twice been denied entry to the UK.
Last year I had the honour of delivering the new Encyclopaedia of Wales (Y Gwyddoniadur Cymru) to the people of Patagonia. It contained a message of goodwill written by First Minister Rhodri Morgan on behalf of the people of Wales. I also initiated the twinning of schools so that children in both countries could establish closer links through communication in the Welsh language.
Everyone was so appreciative of the fact that we will never forget the common heritage that binds us together, despite the great geographic distances that keep us apart. But today I hang my head in shame at the disgraceful way Evelyn and Shirley have been refused entry to the land of their forefathers.
As one with close ties to Patagonia, having lived and worked there, I have been inundated with emails and phone calls from friends in Argentina who are aghast at the way these girls have been treated. The mayor of Trevelin in the Andes is particularly furious but, like many others, blames Welsh politicians rather than the real culprits - the British state authorities
Shirley has relatives in the UK so there is reason to hope that the decision will be overturned, and her case is being dealt with by her family. As for Evelyn, her case will probably have to go to appeal. We ask for your help to show the UK Border Agency that there is no shortage of people in Wales who will support her application.
This is only necessary because the Border Agency are acting in a way that defies common sense. She is a 20 year old whose father has passed away, whose mother is a cleaner and who is from a poor and decent family (like those who originally came to Patagonia from Wales in 1865). Of course she has no assets or property in Argentina! What 20 year old anywhere does?! She has no criminal record of any sort but she has a good job, as her employer has attested and which he will keep open for her, and lives at home with her mother and sister. All she wanted was to come to Wales for a few months to improve her Welsh language skills. 
Yet she was treated at Heathrow airport virtually as a terrorist; by the fact that no one made it clear to her for some considerable period of time why she was being detained, by the fact that she was given no opportunity to lie down and rest after an all night flight from South America, by the fact that she was terrified by the hostile nature of the Border Agency's questioning, by not being given the opportunity to contact anyone (including her embassy and her sponsors in Llangollen whom she had arranged to stay with) for a period of almost 5 hours - and then only on the condition that she could pay for a phone call with British coins, and by the fact that they searched her bags and removed contents without informing her or seeking her permission. She was then put on a return flight strait back to Buenos Aires having spent all her savings on the journey. 
So far nearly £5,000 has been raised to pay for the cost of flights and other necessary expenses for both girls when their visas are finally granted. If you would like to help then please send a letter of no more than two paragraphs in Welsh, English or Spanish to support Evelyn Calcabrini's appeal to: Eilian Williams, 7,Nant Ffynnon, Nant Peris, Gwynedd LL55 4UG, or an e-mail to 
Use the heading: FAO The UK Border Agency.
If you would like to contribute to the expenses fund please enclose a cheque made payable to Capel Rehoboth-Cronfa Patagonia.
Diolch yn fawr,
Rhobert ap Steffan,
Patagonia Support Group

Funeral report Glyn Rowlands FWA / PF

Glyn Rowlands "The Lone Wolf of Corris" RIP

Photo1011..jpgPic thanks Sian and Gethin

Sadly Glyn has passed away 22 August. Well known and respected FWA man, Glyn was defiant till the end

remember him.......

funeral details to follow


Sign the petition against modern day Colonization -the "West Cheshire Sub regional plan"
please log on and register to sign the petition- its a hassle and takes a few mins but please bear with it
go to 
to sign or to download the pdf copy or leave a message and 
copies will be posted out to you

Funeral report Pedr lewis 1923-2009 Welsh Republican

Is it wrong to say you enjoyed a funeral? well yesterday I enjoyed a funeral-and i think those that were there will understand what i mean. 

in a non religious humanist service Pedr Lewis was remembered with affection, honour, respect and brilliant song. for the first time in years

all 3 verses of "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" (land of my fathers) was sung with the chorus getting louder each time. 

for a change the focus was on the man himself and what he believed in rather than the general feeling of somberness that goes hand in hand

with a traditional service. The speakers painted a brilliant picture of the man, his cause and his vision for his people, country and for everyone.

he arrived in draped in "Y Ddraig Goch" and was represented by the "Republican tricolor". 

I didnt know Pedr as well as some of my friends had known him but I left in no doubt of the man and his cause

We will never have a free Wales until we have a republic, 

and you cant be an Internationalist without first being a Nationalist.  

thank you to the organisers and those that cared for him and thank you to the speakers!

"Fe Ddaw Ein Dydd" - Er Cof Pedr Lewis 

A Phillips 1/8/2009

source - Gethin! (diolch)

Jim Larkin parade Liverpool-see Republican page

Er Cof Pedr Lewis

Er cof Pedr Lewis- Taken from "Welsh patriot" blog

I have included the text in its entirety as i think Gethin has said it as it is!

A Welsh Republican Declaration.


We hereby pledge ourselves to this flag
As the symbol of the Welsh Republic
That we shall stand for the Truth against the World:
That all Nations are of one people
That all laws are born of justice - and
That all freedoms are born of one peace.
Author of above: David Lawrence for a Welsh Republican Ceremony at David Williams memorial, Caerffili 2007, I place here as a tribute and testimony to the Welsh Republican principles of Pedr Lewis. Pedr was an early member of the first Welsh Republican Movement founded by Cliff Bere and others, Pedr was imprisoned for his anti - English Monarchy beliefs in 1953, year of the coronation of Elizabeth II of England. Pedr throughout his Political life remained a Welsh Republican and had no time for Devolution nor the Welsh Assembly, least of all for it's Lord Protector Dafydd Ellis Thomas. Thus foto below of Welsh Republican flag being waved in protest against England's Elizabeth II at the so called ''Senedd'', is apt a tribute to the Welsh Republican patriotic politics of Pedr Lewis.
Pedr was a Penfro man, so foto below of a Welsh Republican Flag flying at Garreg Wasted near Abergwuan is a further tribute to his memory.
Pedr after his early education became a Merchant Seaman for many years, mind full of this I suggest that if and when you may visit Garreg Wasted do place floral and Ivy tributes there, or throw into the sea in memorial tribute to Pedr Lewis.

Given the sad state of Welsh Republicanism, at present virtually non - existant or worse no more than confused blatherings of politically bewildered knee jerk super patriots, usually of the Confused Rali Cilmeri Kind, or worse totally 'Retro Romantic Republicans' of the Cymru Rydd kind, if it still exists? I suggest that an even greater tribute to Pedr's memory would be to establish a Pedr Lewis Welsh Republican Club with purpose of discussing and debating what should needs be true Welsh Republican Philosophy and Principles in theory and practise. If any one out there is keen on such suggestion, I shall be quite happy to post up information on any developments in this direction, here in this blog.
.Gethin Gruffydd.


Big Jim larkin

Image of James Larkin

BC and Peoples Council Of North Wales Chairman A phillips will be one of many guest speakers after the parade through Liverpool this weekend (25/07/09) to honor the great man.

"Remembering Larkin Saturday 25th July 09" (following taken from the event flyer)

The James Larkin Society are organising a march and rally to celebrate the great legacy left to us by liverpool irish Socialist 

BIG JIM LARKIN. Larkin was one of the greatest ever treads union leaders both in Liverpool and in Ireland, and dedicated 

his life to improving terms and conditions for the working class.

People like Larkin should always be remembered.

The march will begin near Larkin's birthplace at the corner of Combermere st and Park Rd Liverpool 8 at 1pm

We will march to a venue in town.

The parade will be led by the Liverpool Irish Patriots Flute Band and there will be guest speakers.

We are hoping for a large turnout with trade union flags and banners 



BC get involved in the community in Rhostyllen and Rhosllanerchrugog.

 Chair Adam Phillips and organizer Paul Edwards were in action over the weekend as they got involved in two different village events.
Both events were lucky to be supported by the in demand Cambria Band.

The first event -a church fete in Rhostyllen went well as the village turned out in numbers to watch the colorful procession to the church hall.
Adam Phillips was honored to have been asked to officially open the event. After a short speech in Cymraeg and English about the value of this type of community event
the crew got themselves ready to go to event no2

The second event organized by the newly formed Cyngor pobol Gogledd Cymru / Peoples Council of North Wales was to raise awareness of the "secret plan" AKA the "sub regional strategy"
This parade went very well and following the parade the event carried on in the village with stalls and activities followed by local singers in the sun public house  

P Edwards report on Sat 18/07/09

Obviously i have seen Cambria Band perform on several occasions and in various events around Cymru. I wanted to make sure i was available this time as I was invited to be a standard bearer in what was possibly the peoples Councils last big parade. Added to this our chair was to officially open an event!
The day started well enough with a massed crowd in Rhostyllen, the usual, kids in fancy dress, mothers, fire engine, the band in formation...but when they started off this time, 
that rock solid assuredness was missing, this was the first time i've ever seen the band miss-fire as if the confidence had just ebbed away, i was behind them with the Glyndwr standard urging them on like they usually urge us on, then as people started to come out of the houses and cheer and clap they got it together of sorts.
Relieved to be at the church hall-as soon as they stopped playing and the Drum Major had shouted at ease that the crowd erupted - they loved it! goes to show
people appreciate effort more than performance!
Adam gave his usual confident and solid type of delivery to the eager crowd, a speech based on community struck a chord and he was received well.

The band shot off up the road to event 2 in Rhos (Rhosllanerchrugog) some stayed and had a little run through. again as they reached the venue a ready and eager crowd awaited, 
massed banners and colorful flags blew in the air as the band got ready...This must have been a different crew to the one that played ten minutes earlier! 
This was Cambria at its best! this was roar of Flute and thunder of drums this was a marching band on a mission, like i said - i have seen them in front of 
50,000 through the packed rugby streets of Cardiff, stood in front of 4000 drunken revelers in the cauldron of the Celtfest- but this is the tightest and best i have seen them!
(probably as i was carrying a flag behind them ;-) ) The massed crowd reached its destination having completed its mission of taking the message out onto the streets.
Some carried on with activities the band made their way home and i rolled my flag up and made my own way back south happy with a job well done by all parties!


Balchder Cymru Chair to open Church fete this sat

This weekend Balchder Cymru and peoples council Chair Adam Phillips will officially open a village fete, (the event and location to be announced after the event to prevent PR spoilers) This is a great honor and goes to show that the people are getting fed up of the regular "nose in the trough" politician / celebrity and are turning to the people in their communities that actually care for them.

Balchder and the peoples council regularly organize events and are used to being in the public eye so it is nice to be asked to be a part of an event organized by someone else.  

Caernarfon against the foreign prince

more info for more info on the protest against a foreign Prince of Cymru!

still Here

Balchder Cymru Statement Mon 29 june 2009

Firstly i wish to thank everybody who took part in the BC organized Abergele Martyrs "Black Flag" Memorial Parade. 
Details of which can bee seen on The event went exactly as planned and was dignified and respectful. 
It was a fitting way to mark 40 yrs since that tragic night. I especialy want to thank the Liverpool Irish Patriots RFB for coming over to lead the parade also Dermot Kelly for his contribution on the day and help before it! He gave a fitting version of Padraig Pearse's famous graveside oration from 1915. 
Cor Cochion Cymru sang a moving rendition of "Dros' Cymru'n Gwlad"after their representative Olwen Leavold said "These men were just like you and me they wanted to live , to live and work towards a free Wales remember them."  She also went on to ask of those who were NOT present-who did not show their faces, that those who were here would tell them how the Vol's were remembered with Honor Dignity and Respect! 
On that note i ask the people of Cymru to look at their supposed political force in Plaid and ask who are you representing? Not long ago Plaid spent a fortune trying to impeach Tony Blair for going to war in Iraq yesterday Plaid Leaders were celebrating "armed Forces day"There is NO excuse for this! Draw your line in the sand and decide what you want for your people and your party!

What now? on the 30th light 2 candles for Alwyn and George and let them burn out through the night.

On the 1st July 40 yrs since the investiture of An English prince of Wales feel free to join us in Caernarfon as we show we do not want another foreign Prince to represent us.


Fe Godwn Ni eto!

Adam Phillips


Dennis Coslett Rememberance service

Llangenech Cemetery Sat 23rd May 2pm all patriots welcome

Come and show your support for one of our National Heroes


Remember these- "CYMRU 1400"?? Thought they had gone away?? Think again...Click here

See the dedicated Martyrs page -

and by the way- we have deleted a load of stuff and pages from this site-and we are still maxed out on file web space apparently so we will continue to build elswhere  and link in, its not the tidyest way but should work

A phillips 23 April

First bit of new news----

Chair Paul Edwards is moving aside for a while and i will be taking the lead until the next BC meeting (after the Abergele rememberance march) where a new leadership will be voted in.

BC is to be involved in various campaigns around Cymru from this spring and will start with assisting and throwing our full weight behind the Newly Formed "Peoples Council of North Wales" a test bed of peoples collectives brought together to fight the collonisation of our land by our greedy neighbour!

the "Right to be Welsh" web site run by the "peoples Council of North Wales" is now up and running - go and have a look

BC is supporting this movement!


Adam Phillips April 20 2009

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Saw this article about MAC John Jenkins (Yn Cymraeg)

Jesus Wept.....

Flintshire Brit queen loving Ex leader now wants to weaken Flintshires identity with a "Plantation" project

Balchder Cymru Spokesman Adam Phillips gave his views on the Housing issue for the BBC in the run up to the Assembly elections in May

The Interview went out on the Air 25th April heavily Edited.

The question was "what do you think about affordable housing in your area and in general from the Political Party point of view.

The answers given went on to outline the need for "Affordable houses" but for locals only and a build for need policy, A housing policy or law that imposed sanctions on incomers from other countries and criteria for incomers similar to those that apply in other "Democratic" countries like the Isle of Mann and Australia. The fact that developers are made to build 20 percent of their houses affordable just means that the 20 percent just get snapped up even quicker by our neighbours.

Like we said 95% of this was cut - and only the fact that he and the other locals will not be able to afford houses in their own area due high prices got out.

but what do we do now - MOVE ON AND KEEP PLUGGING AWAY! 


The Ap with the BBC check it out!

Two balchder Cymru members were  interviwed by the BBC for Radio Cymru in relation the the housing crisis facing the people of Wales.

The Interviewers simply stated that they are priced out of the housing market by greedy property develpoers who are building "Luxury houses" for the incomer market.

even one bedroon appartments are up to £170,000 in Llangollen now.

As soon as we have an idea when its aired - we will post on here 

Wales 'building blocks' are in place

Feb 12 2007

Martin Shipton, Western Mail


ONE of Wales's most distinguished historians has asserted that the country is on its way to becoming a "nation state"...........

With early 21st century Wales in possession of the characteristics of a fledgling nation state, the framework existed within which a consciousness of Welsh citizenship could be fostered."

Dr Davies goes on to describe how Wales has gained increasing international recognition as a country in its own on...


looks like we have some work to do

Welsh firmly back Britain's Union
Flags of England, Scotland and Wales

There is strong support for Wales remaining part of Great Britain, according to a survey for the BBC.

Nearly 70% of people in Wales said they wanted to keep the Union as it is with 20% being in favour of independence.

The BBC Wales/Newsnight poll found 48% thought Wales would lose financially by splitting from England and Scotland whilst 14% believed it would benefit.

Balchder Cymru Spokesman Fined for Protesting - Good Police work or Political agenda?

People Power - Works - Council Dissolved in vote of no confidence!

Wales can't say no to N-stations


A "little" advertising

A Smart (sorry!!!!) way to plug the site and raise awareness of the issues we face today


The finished article!

John from Fairway-design at work


8000 new homes to be built in Flintshire

We are already showing signs of overpopulation!

Locals can't get homes , new ones are snapped up instantly by outsiders

Our services are already stretched

The cultural and National identity of the county is at risk

Environmental impact will be massive

more to follow on this issue soon...............

SHAM SENEDD? Whats in a name?

The King with no clothes

Someone posted me some ideas and subjects for discussion- i believe he has a point and therefore give this subject the prime spot on this site!

Anyone remember the story? well basically to cut a long story short......the kings tailor manages to convince him that his birthday suit is the best thing since sliced bread, and he believes it-and as he's prancing round with no clothes on telling everybody that he is the best dressed chap in town-the people think hes lost it but no one tells him otherwise-

So what relevance to us????  -"Y Senedd" literaly means "The Parliament" and our assembly ministers are convincing themselves that they are going to work in "Y Senedd" for real.

Well this means that they have given up on further goals, The people are falling for it to - It was bad enough with the old Assembly-Joe bloggs thought we had a Parliament and now we have one in name.

I urge you to bring this subject up wherever you can in all forms of media- Our people and Politicians believe they have a Parliament - lets put them straight!


BALCHDER CYMRU -PRIDE OF WALES designed by Mr John MarshallTake a bow sir!

what it represents

Lions Of our long lost Proud Royal families

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to those that helped make the  "HOPE  IV" event a big success there were people from every corner of our country and even representatives  from the Irish community in Scotland.

Bigger and better for next year!


March from Caergwrle Castle to Hope Church in Rememberance Of The “Liberation of Hope” By Prince Owain Glyndwr. Taith O Gastell Caergwrle Ir Capel Yn Yr Hob I Gofio Tywysog Cymru Owain Glyndwr Yn “Rhyddhau Yr Hob.




M Rh C


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Legend says that when the Eagles fly high the Cymru will prosper.
When they fly low we will suffer.

Others say that as far back as Roman times our people scratched the symbol of an eagle onto rock faces to warn of the presence of the enemy.

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